Creative Next Generation App Experience.

We have an extensive, more than a decade long experience developing applications on the Windows platform. We have been early movers with mobile app development and have developed over 100 apps for different mobile OSs. We know what users want from a mobile app. We are familiar with how app markets work. We have the infrastructure to plan, code, develop and maintain your app as long as there is demand.


Windows 8 Apps scale automatically across Devices.

Apps are core to the Windows 8 experience, and with the reach of the Windows install base and the Windows Store distribution channel, you have the opportunity to reach hundreds of markets worldwide. And unlike other platforms, Windows 8 apps scale automatically across devices – all while using the same code.These are very valid concerns and many mobile marketing professionals have weighed in on how to improve app discoverability or how can apps be found easier.Mobile search—as in, searching through a mobile browser—has already exceeded searches done on desktop. You want your business app to be on the search results page when customers search for your business name and other related keywords.What’s more is that people who make buying decisions within apps purchase more than through mobile sites.


Like Generating Ideas, Idea Screening & Concept Testing…etc.

Expertouch Technologies is a Product development company which involves several important stages of generating ideas, idea screening, concept testing, business analysis and market analysis, the actual development of the product, test marketing and commercialization.Our software development experience in multiple industries has enabled us to develop Cloud software, ERP, CRM, job portals, real estate portals, large-scale e-commerce applications and business products development.The software is more than technology.


Without having to Build your own install Package.

Access the Windows Store and package your Windows Store app for distribution directly within Visual Studio – all without having to build your own install package. Once your app is available through the Windows Store, you have access to valuable telemetry data to monitor your app quality including JavaScript exception rate, crash rate and app responsiveness rate.The Windows Installer package is an .msi file that contains explicit instructions about installing and removing specific applications. The company or developer who produces the application provides the Windows Installer package . msi file and includes it with the application. If a Windows Installer package does not come with an application, you might need to create a Windows Installer package by using a third-party tool.


Integrates seamlessly with other Apps.

With the new Windows contracts, your app integrates seamlessly with other apps to create powerful user experiences like sharing, searching and file pickers with very little code. And through cloud roaming, you can create a continuous experience across devices by roaming data that lets people pick up a task right where they left off.Cloud Connect allows Link-OS printers to interact with the Cloud, forwarding data from any port. These printers become an integral part of an overall Cloud strategy and an important component of your Internet of Things solution – today, or in the future.You can connect Link-OS printers securely and directly to Cloud-based apps via standard WebSockets technology – for printer management, printing or as part of a powerful data collection platform.You can run a virtual application or operating system within a browser which preserves your user session and your data.


Developing mobility solutions on Windows Devices

Windows application development may seem stagnant but there are a huge number of Windows mobile users already and the number is rising. During the coming years Windows mobile app development is going to be one of the major players on the application development market, get the first mover advantage and get a Windows application developed for your business now.No matter how carefully you test your app, there’s nothing like the real-world test of having other people use it. The Windows Dev Center dashboard gives you the option to make your app available only to specified people so that you can have testers try it out before you offer it to the public. Your testers may discover issues that you’ve overlooked, such as misspellings, confusing app flow, or errors that could cause the app to crash. You’ll then have a chance to fix those problems before you release the app to the public, resulting in a more polished final product.

Offer an alternative to Android and iOS apps

Our techies can create, and deliver high end Windows mobile application. We follow the guidelines outlined in the latest Windows SDK, as we don’t like to take any short cuts. Expertouch Technologies offer end to end solution for windows mobile application development to our clients over the globe.

Windows mobile application is recommended because of benefits like

The high potential for growth as there are not many apps available currently
Microsoft & Nokia both have easy access to reach worldwide and are known brands worldwide.
Can create new apps compatible with various Windows platforms and OS.