Simplifying the migration to the next-generation network

Our network infrastructure helps service providers foster service model innovation and lowers network operating costs. Our products and solutions are designed to help you evolve your business model by accelerating and securing the deployment of services and applications.


Flexible. Scalable. Secure.

Expertouch Technologies provides Flexible, Scalable, and Secure networking solutions. Our high-performance network infrastructure gives service providers the solutions they need to protect services and content and expand their offerings.Security for Service Providers delivers a dynamic, multi-layered security architecture for CSPs grappling with expanding security threats—not to mention explosive data growth, flat revenue streams, 4G LTE upgrades, and rapidly shifting standards and technologies. Unlike competitive products that resolve only a limited set of issues, rely on a unified, scalable platform that can address threats throughout the CSP infrastructure while simplifying network solutions also offer important capabilities across the service architecture to enhance scalability, flexibility, application visibility, manageability, and performance.


Flexible configurations delivering High-Performance throughput

Our application acceleration platforms offer flexible configurations while delivering high-performance throughput. This helps service providers roll out new applications without expensive upgrades to their networks. Our platforms also improve the performance and response times of IP-based applications, increase effective WAN bandwidth capacity, and optimize application delivery.We understand that customer satisfaction, employee productivity, business agility, and revenue all hinge on business-critical applications working as expected. That’s why we’re passionate about helping customers boost the performance of business critical applications and accelerate their websites and web-based applications. Expertouch Technologies application performance monitoring and application acceleration solutions help with a unique set of products.


Deliver higher network Utilization

Expertouch Technologies circuit-to-packet platforms reliably transport circuit-based applications across a new generation of IP-based service provider networks. These platforms deliver field-proven flexibility, performance, and reliability for circuit applications, enabling service providers to deliver higher network utilization without degrading user experience.These platforms give time-division multiplexing and other circuit-based applications reliable and efficient access to next-generation IP networks with all of their cost and efficiency advantages.Includes tools to monitor network availability, report on IP network performance, provision circuits, and troubleshoot circuit issues through a web-based GUI.So we understand that customer satisfaction, employee productivity, business agility, and revenue.