Experts in CCTV, Monitoring & Surveying

We provide Smart Video and Sensing Ltd is a Value Added Reseller (VAR) of optical based survey solutions, Video Incident detection systems / Video Analytics and high end digital CCTV.Our technicians have years of experience in providing end-to-end services for your security application, from site survey and requirements assessment, to support and maintenance after installation.We supply a range of standard products, deliver project based solutions against a client’s specification and provide a range of services to our customers.


Dedicated Teams.Specialized Skill sets.Industry Experience

We understand that all security applications are unique – and that product selection often determines whether a project is successful, or fails to deliver the desired results. Additionally, unlike most security providers,Expertouch Technologies offers unlimited direct technical support – for every product we sell. So as you can imagine – identifying the perfect solution for your specific needs is our top priority.We offer dedicated to support each of our core customer segments, including Law Enforcement and Government, Businesses, Consumers, and our Authorized Dealer Partners – to provide the best possible customer experience.Our security experts are specially trained on the security solutions for the business segments they support.Our average sales consultant has been with Expertouch Technologies for more than 1 years – and many of our team members have years of firsthand, in-field experience in the industry they support.


Systems Design & Engineering, Needs Analysis

Expertouch Technologies is far more than a security store we’re a full-service security solutions provider. And unlike traditional distributors or suppliers who sell pre-configured security products, we have the ability to customize any video or audio surveillance solution to meet your specific needs. If we don’t have the solution you need, chances are we can find it or build it for you.For advanced projects, our systems engineers and product managers team to develop solutions and plans that meet your specifications.Our free needs analysis will help to determine exactly what you need to consider when building your solution from products and features, to installation and operation.Our Needs Analysis will help to Determine the best technology and equipment for your application, how many cameras, recorders, and/or access control devices are needed.The exact location and settings for your cameras to optimize results.Integration needs with external systems and devices Ultimately, create a customized solution that best fits your needs.


Project Plan Development. Site Survey. Needs Analysis

Expertouch Technologies serves a broad range of customers with a wide range of application needs and technical know-how.Customers have the ability to choose the services and level of project management they desire from Expertouch Technologies in order to achieve desired results.We also leverage our trusted nation wide network of Authorized Re-Seller Partners to provide assistance with any service you may need at a local level.We can plan your project for you by performing a site survey and needs analysis, to developing a project plan and scoping out the various phases of the project.We develop a project plan that scopes out the planning and execution phases of the entire project.We can perform an assessment of your location to determine the best equipment and technologies for your site, the amount of equipment needed, denote any location challenges and determine ideal equipment placement opportunities.We perform a comprehensive needs analysis to determine your specific application needs and unique location requirements.


Extended Burn-in. Pre-Programming & Configuration. Custom Labeling & Solution Integration

Our Product Configuration Services consist of four different services, specifically designed to simplify the process of installing, deploying and managing your security solution.Your solution comes pre-programmed, pre-configured, labeled and fully-integrated—saving you valuable time and money. You can choose as many of our Product Configuration Services as you would like however, given all four services are included in one low price, it’s advantageous to choose all of them. ensuring that factory manufactured products are fully operational and run to your specifications.We pre-program and pre-configure products to your exact specifications, ensuring it is ready to go when it arrives on site saving you and your IT staff installation and deployment time.We offer custom labeling of any device, software or IP address to your desired specifications for easy setup and staging.Send us product(s) to integrate with your system we’ll customize it to your needs, provide testing and validation.